Thursday, December 31, 2009


As a result of a magical discovery, I have resolved in the new year to say or write the word “sejachlovim” as often as possible. And I would urge anyone who reads this to do the same.
You pronounce it like this:
• The first syllable has a short “e” something like “seh."
• The second syllable has the ‘J’ of “jack” but rhymes with “Bach.”
The “ch” is guttural, but a bit softer than the German; more like the the “ch” in “loch” when a real Scot pronounces it.
•“lov” sounds just like “love,” but make the the “o” very round and resonant.
•“im” rhymes with “him,” but sing it a bit.
The stresses are on the second and fourth syllables: seJACHlovIM.
In IPA: sejachlovim / sɛdʒɑːxlʊvɪm/
Of course, you may reasonably wonder why you should say such a thing, or what it means. I can only answer that it doesn’t “mean” anything. It arose from a magical experiment, and only a description of the process by which it was derived would give you any idea. But the nature of magic is such that to explain it would mitigate or even destroy its virtues. I am working hard to erase all knowledge of its origin from my memory.
But it is a word with virtue and its virtues pertain to joy and freedom. No evil or violent or derogatory meaning lies behind it.
It is related to the word “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” but is shorter and easier to spell.
It is a work appropriate for use as an exclamation of wonder, as a word of greeting or parting, or to seal a document or end a prayer. It is definitely appropriate for shouting during orgasm.
It is also an all-purpose graffito, which should be written on bathroom walls, scrawled in wet concrete, fingered on filthy car windows, etc. I dream of the day this word will capture the imagination of a really good tagger and I’ll see it emblazoned in psychedelic colors on a public building or railroad car.
In the meantime, Sejachlovim!


lachele said...

What a lovely word!

...and you posted this on the 31st. Damn, I'm behind...

Anonymous said...

Paganism = Satanism.

You worship Satan when you refuse to worship God through Christ Jesus.