Sunday, March 18, 2007

a banishing ritual

Events having overtaken me I don’t seem to be able to concentrate on the heavy philosophical work I had previously undertaken, so ...

Here is a version of the banishing ritual which I hope you may find interesting:

Before Me:
Wind-Borne Warrior,wings of gold,
Slaying folly with Wisdom’s Sword.

Behind Me:
The Sea-beast’s Mistress, blue sea-wave treading,
Carrying to me the Cup of Joy.

On my Right hand:
The Lion-Headed Lord of Flame,
Red-robed, bearing the Rod of Will.

On my left hand:

Earth’s Green Lady, a black bull leading,
New birth’s star gleams on her sickle’s blade.

Here at the center,
I Am that I Am

Still as the infinite Void above me,
Alive and fecund as the whirling Earth below me,
I burn with the Sun and
Laugh with the Moon
For now which is forever,
So Be It.


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R.E. said...

That's a lovely ritual. Your words are so evocative and mystically descriptive. Thanks for sharing it. :)